We are a Messianic Jewish congregation located in Arlington, Texas, 

made up of Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. 

Our mission is to disciple Jews and Gentiles in Messianic Judaism,

in order to preserve Jewish identity in the body of Messiah.

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Our vision is to see a community of Jewish and Gentile believers
experiencing Yeshua, Torah and revelation for the end times.

Vision establishes an atmosphere of:

  • Identity: I know what we are about
  • Purpose: What I do matters
  • Unity: I trust people, we are likeminded
  • Faith: I know this is from God and it will last

core values

The following are the guiding principles of Sukkat Shalom:

  1. We relate to all as sons and daughters
  2. We worship God in his manifest presence
  3. We minister healing and freedom
  4. We hear God and minister prophetically
  5. We teach Spirit-revealed biblical truth for maturity
  6. We give generously to God, His people and His kingdom
  7. We develop everyone's identity, destiny and calling
  8. We influence across generations
  9. We impact people globally, to the Jew first


Joey Benami

Congregational Leader

Twenty years ago, Joey learned of his Spanish Jewish roots and began returning to the Jewish people through the Jewishness of Yeshua. A former Bible Institute professor, he has a diploma in Bible and Linguistics, served overseas in South America and Papua New Guinea, and is the author of Free To Be Fruitful, a book on the Torah's foundations for healing and freedom. His areas of research are the book of Leviticus, biblical agricultural metaphors, and the study of linguistic and thematic allusions within the Hebrew and Apostolic Scriptures. He and his best friend and wife, Michelle, have six children whom they mentor into their prophetic destinies. He relaxes by being musically creative, doing some cooking and playing sports with his boys.