worship with us!

At Sukkat Shalom we are a family expecting company! 

In order to steward your time and experience, we are prepared for your visit.

Below we give you an idea of what to expect when you visit us. 

The only things we left out are the cup of coffee and the friendly handshake!

Hope to see you this Shabbat!

New! location

We now meet at:

2323 James St

Arlington, TX 76013

Prayer and Intersession 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Torah Study 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Service 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Oneg (fellowship meal) follows after the service

Children's ministry at 11:30 a.m

Sukkat Youth 1:45 p.m.

For questions, contact us at: 817.899.0209


King David understood the Temple's daily sacrifices as occasions for prayer, praise and worship, and this connection has been preserved in Jewish liturgy throughout the centuries. For us at Sukkat Shalom, liturgy is all about worshiping God joyfully. Worshipful liturgy is an expression of authentic Jewish life and of our vibrant faith in Messiah Yeshua.

Here is a sample of our liturgy


The goal of Sukkat Shalom Worship is to help people come alive by experiencing the presence of God. Our services are all about connecting with God and walking away transformed by what He does and says to us. 

Only by having an encounter with God can we receive what we need from Him: 

  • A word of encouragement
  • Wisdom for a problem
  • Forgiveness and restoration
  • Direction for our lives
  • And much, much more. 

Come to an atmosphere of celebration, intimacy and victory, and experience hearing God for life transformation! Here's a taste of what our worship is like:


We want parents to feel that their children are safe, learning and having a good time. We have an easy children's check-in process as well as safe pick-up practices.

We believe children need to experience the presence of God in worship, receive age-appropriate and dynamic Torah teaching, and have a down time that is entertaining and fun.


Sukkat Youth hang out, have fun, serve and learn. With us you can get ready to do your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, help with children or with cool equipment in audio, video and lighting, and be part of our music band. We're always planning the next party or fun activity, but know how to get serious when studying Torah and learning how to be Spirit-filled.

Come join Sukkat's fun, friendships and family!


At Sukkat Shalom you will enjoy Messianic teaching that is rich in content, practical, and transformational.

Our teaching follows along our Vision and Core Values, emphasizing Jewish identity, the ingrafting of the nations, the status of all believers as sons and daughters, healing and freedom, hearing God, generous giving, and identity and destiny. We are committed to teaching Torah as Spirit-revealed biblical truth for growth and maturity in Messiah.

Altar Ministry

At the end of every message, everyone has the opportunity to come forward for Altar Ministry. This is a time when you can receive prayer for any needs you may have, like an illness, wisdom for a situation, a relationship challenge, employment needs, etc. Our volunteers and staff are trained to handle everything with confidentiality and maturity. Altar Ministry is a time for you to seal the encounter you have had with God during worship and the teaching.


Oneg is a Hebrew word that means delight, and it's what we call the Shabbat fellowship meal. We have a potluck-style lunch meal after Shabbat service, and it really is delicious! Our members take it as an opportunity to serve one another in a practical way. 

Because Jewish food can get complicated, here are a few guidelines:

  • Although we don't cook on Shabbat, we bring our ready-made dish in a crockpot or similar device and warm it up here;
  • Bring biblically clean meats or fish and it'd be a hit;
  • Some people mix meat and dairy and some don't, all are respected and welcome;
  • Lunch's on us for all our guests, so don't feel compelled to bring anything if you're visiting us;
  • We'll try to contain out youth from eating all the good stuff first!


We want to encourage you to worship God with your tithes and offerings as an act of personal worship. We give to God a tithe or 10% of our income, and give offerings above and beyond our tithes, as He enables us. Our approach is without pressure or awkward moments.

You will find a Tzedakah box and envelops located at the exits where you can give. Just make sure to give us your contact information in order to issue you a tax deductible statement at the end of the year. For further convenience, we also provide online giving.

Click here to give online.