Kol Nidre

Elul 1

All vows which we have made, all agreements, all offerings

of ourselves, all unclean desires and secret promises

that we have vowed in our hearts, that we have promised

in the hiddenness of our souls...

The Kol Nidre is a petition to Adonai to break, cancel, and tear down all unrighteous vows, declarations, and alliances that have been made throughout the year – both those that are publicly known and those done in the secret places of the heart. As followers of Yeshua, we only want to align with Him and His ways. But, the truth is, we all make promises, agreements, and “inner vows” in our hearts that actually give the enemy a foothold in our lives. 

In a moment of pain, we vow to take revenge or build a wall of defense. In a moment of defiance, we proclaim we don’t care. To gain a momentary semblance of peace, we allow abuse. In a moment of dissatisfaction, we give in to indulgence, with no thought at all as to whether is it good or bad or “unclean.” In a moment of betrayal, we promise in our hearts to never trust again. These choices are against the Torah, they set our heart in opposition to Adonai, and we become to ourselves another god, putting ourselves and our desires above the Word. The accuser then exploits this opportunity, which has been created by our choice to walk on an unprotected path, and he moves in on our territory. 

The Kol Nidre provides a different kind of moment - the opportunity to realign with the One True God.   


Adonai, I pause to ask You to realign my heart and mind with You alone. I am yielding myself to You, and in Your grace extended to me, show me where I need to repent from those unrighteous alignments and vows which stand between You and me. I come out of agreement with the enemy, and return to alignment and unity with you, in the visible, known parts of my life and in the invisible, secret places of my heart.