Kol Nidre

Elul 2

…for all of these, O God, we repent and we offer all of them up

to you God, on the altar of your holiness.

Think back to the vows Adonai revealed to you yesterday. Has the accuser been bothering you about them? If he can get shame to be greater than your desire to realign with Adonai, then he has won the victory. So, let’s stop that scheme before it gets one more inch of territory in your heart!

Yeshua’s love for us overflowed and spilled on the hill called Golgotha. His sacrifice and His resurrection made the way for us to be able to come before the Father. Shame has no place in the process of repentance and reconciliation; there is only love. This is why when you approach the altar, you can confess your misplaced promises and alliances without fear, by laying them before Him. You can trust His willingness to take away the vows, burning them to ashes. Imagine! Your confession in submission is pleasing before the King of kings!

Then, in a beautiful act of grace, He restores to you the opportunity for intimacy with Him, allowing you to draw near to Him. Do not cheat yourself of the sweet gift of removing the barriers addressed in this devotional, but don’t limit yourself to what has been written. Let’s offer our whole hearts up to Him, giving Him full access, so we may come into the New Year in the fullness He intends!

TeshuvaH is the Hebrew word for Repentance. ask the Ruach HaKodesh to show you where the accuser is attempting to use shame to keep you from turning to the Father for forgiveness and cleansing. Repent of those areas.  

Abba Father, i will draw near to you. Shame will no longer stand between us. i accept your unconditional and abounding love for me. I dedicate this month of Elul to repenting of the barriers erected between us by my iniquities and to focus my heart on you and on life.