Elul 23

Tzararnu – We have oppressed


Forgive us, Father, for the harsh words and thoughts towards our fellow man. Our hearts have been blind to the pain we inflict with our words and actions. Comfort those whom we have wronged, especially those whom we have belittled in our callousness.


Because of the Spirit of the Living God within us, we are ashamed of the sins of our mouths and the sins of our hearts. We bow down before the Holy One of Israel seeking forgiveness and release from the harm we have caused others. Help us to see, open our eyes to the damaging effect of our words spoken in jest to others. Cause us to love our neighbors, to not sacrifice them so as to elevate ourselves. Forgive us of the sin of pride and fear causing us to denigrate our fellow man.


We come as a community of Your children to seek redemption and cleansing for these our sins against our fellow man. Cleanse us from all haughtiness and pride; from false impressions we are closer to You because of the gifts and treasures You have bestowed upon us.


O mighty, eternal Lord, renew our hearts. Give us the innocence of the days of our new reborn state that we may seek to welcome all into the Kingdom with the pureness of heart the Spirit empowered within us.

Adonai, show us where we have wielded power over another. Abba, we humble ourselves before You. Show me if there are any who I have “lorded over” from whom I need to seek forgiveness (Matthew 5:23). Empower me by the Spirit to remain humble before You and them. Remind me as I go that even if their pain does not allow them to forgive in that moment and even if reconciliation does not come, that I have been obedient to Your leading.