Avinu Malkenu

Elul 28

Our Father our King, let your Spirit be poured out in end time revival, and let the harvest be gathered, with the remnant of Israel coming to salvation.


Yeshua here, Yeshua now! As we are all experiencing some type of dry season that feels like a wilderness of sorts, let us not forget all of the “wonder-full” things You have done there. In this Selah moment that has been mandated over the whole world, let us choose to listen and learn. We need Your voice to be the One that we hear above all others. We need Your direction in the way we need to step out as individuals, as families, as an ecclesia, as believers in You.


Yeshua, we draw near! Karvenu! We desire to stay so imbedded in Your presence that there is not a doubt in our minds about the days we are walking through right now. As we have been planting seeds of faith, love and hope, we ask for an outpouring of Your presence, Ruach, to water these seeds that have sprouted and are coming to a season of harvest. Please add Your “super” to our “natural”!


Bind us together in unity so that we think and act with Your heart, Abba. Let us be watchful of the remnant of Israel around us and in the world that have yet to realize their Messiah is Yeshua. Let our mouths be slow to speak in haste, but our hands and feet be quick to act in love. Revive every cell of our beings to live again and to tell of Your goodness and to sing a melody for Your glory. For You are good!


Avinu Malkenu, show me Your heart! Align me with Your Ruach. Show me any place where I have set myself against Your purposes for this time, or where I have come against the unity of the body of Messiah, Jew and Gentile, unique and one. Use me as a worker in the harvest to the Jewish people and all Israel.