Avinu Malkenu

Elul 29

Our Father our King, let Your judgments fall on the unrepentant, and deliver us from the schemes of our enemies.

There have been plenty of opportunities in my walk with God to take offense into my heart. Unfortunately, most of these offenses came through the body of Yeshua. I have learned when offense is present to first look at my own heart. Did I open a door to the enemy by causing one to stumble? Was I jealous, did I covet, or did I operate from a prideful spirit? I first had to discern my own heart before I could address someone else’s. Secondly, if these offenses came through other people, intentional  or unintentional, I had to recognize the source, Satan, the accuser! When we are watchful over our heart and discern correctly, this positions us to not be ignorant of the devil’s schemes. This gives us the right perspective, God’s perspective, over the situation. See, one of Satan’s main strategies is to bring disunion amongst believers to thwart the operation of the Kingdom. So, when the house is divided, it cannot stand.

The question is, how can we position ourselves to be delivered from the schemes of the enemy? The answer is simple: The bible says, “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). This is a promise from the Lord as our hearts are fully submitted to Him. The first key in this verse is submit to God! Is your heart submitted to Him and His ways? As you submit yourself to Him, He will give you the power to stand and overcome the plans of the enemy. Thank God we are well able to overcome and have victory over our enemies!

Avinu Malkenu, show me where any pride or offense in my heart is keeping me from being submissive to You. Show me the lies I have embraced about myself, others, or You. I choose to come out of agreement with those lies, and by doing so the enemy’s permissions have been revoked. Show me Your truth that I may stand on solid ground as I stand against the schemes of the enemy.