Days of Awe

Tishri 1

Rosh Hashanah


This is a song of ascents, sang as the people of Israel would make their way to the Temple, going up to the mountain of Adonai. For us it is also a song of hope, for Adonai has heard the cries of Elul. He has paid attention to our pleading, taken the weight of our sin, and offered us forgiveness. My friends, this knowledge alone should bring us to our knees in reverence and awe before Him!


Here is the hope of the watchman. All night long he has stared at shadows, peering into the darkness, trying to make out anything that could resemble the enemy. But when the first glimmer of light breaks over the horizon, it illuminates what is there, revealing the true form and shape of what a few moments ago was just a darker shade of dark. He knows the revelation of the light will bring confirmation of what was truly in the dark.


Our sin hides in shame. The dark places of our soul convince us that they are better off in the dark, and they demand that we focus on them to keep them hidden. But the Word, Yeshua HaMashiach, shines light! He reveals what is hidden, shining truth, and then He faces the dark with us. He is unwavering in His love for us. So, when we focus our eyes upon Him, shame has no power over us, because all we see in His eyes is love.

Adonai, we thank You for bringing us again to this day of Rosh Hashana! Whatever darkness that this past year has brought, we peer toward the horizon, to embrace the dawning of this new year, and we rejoice at the light breaking over the distant hills. We refuse to allow the shame of the past to follow us into this new season. We set our faces towards You. We eat in celebration the sweet fruit of this new year, rejoicing in hope of the life, love, and joy to come.