Days of Awe

Tishri 2

The King, sitting on a throne, high and lifted up. Unto You is the kingdom, the might, and the glory, forever and ever, amen.


Isn't it amazing to think that this is a reality in heaven, right now in this very moment?

Yeshua, the resurrected King is seated on His throne, in His full glory! And when we invited Him into our life and accepted Him as our Savior, He also took His place in our hearts. And we were placed in Him! Yet many times as we go through the busyness and challenges of our daily life, we aren't fully aware of this. We tend to forget what, or Who, really deserves our focus and attention. And we are careless about what we allow our hearts, minds, thoughts and inner being to be filled with.

The enemy lies and he tries to make us agree with his lies to take our focus away from our Messiah and our identity in Him. He is trying to distract us and deceive us. And before we know it stress, anxiety and fear creep in. Yet all the while, Yeshua is still speaking truth and life! He is still high and lifted up; and all power, dominion and glory are His! When we continually choose to make Yeshua the King of our hearts, and agree with this heavenly truth, the reality of heaven becomes the reality of our hearts. The foothold the enemy had in our lives is broken by the power of the Spirit. Yeshua is King. He is constant. Forever! All we have to say is: “AMEN!!”


Adonai, to You I say “amen,” right from the very beginning. It is on earth as it is in heaven! I am thankful for the shalom it brings in knowing that You are on Your throne, and I yield my heart to Your kingship. If there is even one part of me that is working to place itself on the throne of my heart, Ruach, reveal it now. I repent, turning my face to Yours, and in my teshuvah (repentance), I lay all that I have at Your feet. My heart’s desire is to carry Your glory with me all the days of my life, in such a way that others will be drawn to You.