Days of Awe

Tishri 3

The Aaronic Blessing

The High Priest, the most Holy man on earth, is commanded to use these words of Numbers 6:22-27 in pronouncing blessing on Israel, the most holy nation on earth. In turn, Israel’s job is to bless the nations. This is a pattern that can be repeated. For example, the father is the priest of his family. He can use these words to bless his wife and his children.


When you hear these words chanted in Hebrew, you can hear several words ending with a kha sound. That is the word for “you” not “you all”. The blessing is aimed at you, the individual.


“May the LORD bless you…” Keep in mind two things: 1) Sometimes blessings do come disguised as something else; and 2) The word for “bless” is also the word for “knee.” HaShem wants us to “bend the knee” and accept His authority as King.


“… and keep you.” Guard you. Observe you. Love you so much He can’t take His eyes off you.


“May the LORD cause his face to shine upon you…” This is the light the agents of darkness are so afraid of.


“… and be gracious to you.” Amazing Grace.


“May the LORD lift His countenance upon you…” May he actually smile when He sees you because you are so intent on pleasing Him and you just make Him smile, even laugh! As they used to say in East Texas, He’s just tickled to see you.


“… and grant you shalom.” Peace. Contentment. Wholeness.


Adonai, open my heart to embrace the fullness of this blessing into my heart, my life, my spirit. I reject the lie of the enemy that You look upon me with any other expression other than love in Your eyes. I savor for this moment the knowledge that Your face brightens when You see me, and the wonder that You restore me to wholeness and peace. I love You so much. I accept Your love for me as well.