Days of Awe

Tishri 4

There is none like You among the gods, Adonai, and there are no deeds like Yours. You are Sovereign over all worlds, and Your dominion is in all generations.


To describe the unending vastness of God is an unattainable task. There are no words that can fully or accurately communicate who and what God is. Our language falls short when we try to express all of God’s attributes. All the adjectives and adverbs known to us in language will still do no justice to the grandeur of God Almighty.


In our weekly Shabbat services, we sing the MiChamocha, “Who is like You O God?” God is unique and “distinctly other” more than anything we can imagine, yet is so close that we can feel His presence in our lives. I have felt His presence in my life and seen Him move and do miraculous things. He has provided for me, sustained me, and blessed me abundantly. Although I see how He has cared for me specifically, I also see that He takes care of peoples, groups, nations, and ultimately the whole world all at the same time. Not only is He an awesome God for our generation, but His faithfulness and mercy have been experienced throughout the generations of this world.


So, who is like Him? There is none like Him! No one can do what He does. Our adoration and praise rightfully belong to Him.


I lift my voice in praise of You right now! There is none like You, yet, You created each of us in Your image. I repent of the times that I felt so small and insignificant that I wondered if You could even be bothered with me, or when I was so overwhelmed with all that was in the world, that I assumed You had better things to do than “mess with me.” You are Sovereign and good, and as the Good King, You never overlook me. I stand on the truth of Your works in the past as evidence of Your faithfulness to me and the generations to come. I will not waver in my adoration and praise of You!