Days of Awe 

Tishri 5

Adonai reigns, Adonai has reigned, Adonai will reign forever and ever. Adonai will give strength to His people. Adonai will bless His people with peace.


When a king reigns he is the ultimate ruler and final decision maker. No one overrules nor dares to disobey the king’s royal command. (Well, at least no one who lives to tell about it!) As we say Adonai reigns, has reigned, and will reign, we are agreeing verbally that He has full authority over our present, past and future. Just as Yeshua said in all 4 Gospel accounts, “Not My will, but Yours be done.” (Matthew 26:39; Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42; John 6:38). He was fully and willingly submitted to the Father’s will. We may say Adonai reigns over all three, but do we always trust Him as our King whose interpretation and words are always right and always true? Or do we “lean on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5)? Ask Adonai these questions about your past, present, and future: 


* What past event still holds power over me where You want to reign and show me Your truth? Ask forgiveness for being your own interpreter and let His truth be the final word. 


* What part of my day today do You most want to speak to me about and give me strength? Let the King of kings crown you with His authority and take dominion as a believer, not subject to the false power of the enemy. 


* Is there a word for my future which I need to submit now to Your sovereignty? Agree with His plan, and let Him lead you to His blessing and peace, even if it seems impossible. 


I thank You, Abba, for the truth You have shown me in my life today. I thank You that You always desire to speak to me, even when I don’t choose to listen. Keep the answers to these questions fresh on my mind and spirit today, as I move through my life –resting, working, doing– so that my walk reflects the truth of Your reign in my heart.