Al Chet

Elul 10

And for the sin which we have committed before You

by eating and drinking.


“It’s Just a Cupcake!” I know some of us that have a soft spot for sweets are already forming an argument against this statement. For years, I struggled unsuccessfully to overcome an addiction to food. Between emotions, stress, hormones and life happening, it was a real rollercoaster between temporary success followed by regular failure. The cycle would begin when I read or heard some great new solution on eating or dieting, and I would ponder for about a day before I jumped “all in” to my latest solution.


When I was introduced to Freedom ministry, I realized that the root of all things that were bound in me had to do with identity. I grew up in church and I know that I am a child of God. Yeshua has been and always will be my Savior. However, the shift in battle strategy shifted when Romans 12 began happening as Ruach began to “renovate my mind.”


Now I ask Him each day, ”Who do You say that I am?” That answer started a cycle of victory for me. You see, this body I have been given needs fuel. A car needs oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids to function efficiently, but one thing it cannot do without is fuel! You wouldn’t put Windex in your car and expect it to get you somewhere, would you?


Once my view of how I saw me changed into what He sees, I am no longer bound to eat “comfort food” on a regular basis. I know the One that comforts! Do I splurge with a treat now and then? Yes, but I am not fueled by them.


Creator of the heavens and the earth, first, I want to thank You for the gift of food; that it is a good gift and that You fashioned it to both fuel our bodies and taste good. At the same time, I recognize where I have misused food and drink to fill the place intended for You. You are my comfort, my satisfaction, my safe place to run. Continue to transform my mind as I yield to You everything that should pass or not through my lips.