Al Chet

Elul 15

And for the sin which we have committed before You

by a confused heart.


The goal behind the Al Chet is to not only account for the sins of the past year, but the intent is actually to try to go deeper than just the sin, down to the root cause of the sin. This could be viewed as a yearly check-up. We have these for our vehicles and for our physical bodies, why not have the same process for an even more important part of our lives - our spiritual lives?


The Scripture warns us not to become too engrossed with the things of the flesh. If we were to spend more time focused on our spiritual lives, perhaps we could better hear the Holy Spirit. The Scripture clearly tells us that the Holy Spirit will guide and lead us. However, if we are entwined with all manner of life events, hurts, and thoughts, we are not going to accurately hear the Holy Spirit. Confusion sets in for our focus has been hijacked.


The enemy knows the Word of God, and he knows the distractions he can cause to get our attention away from the purpose for which we were sent. I believe we all desperately want a more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. To have that intimacy requires a regular cleansing and a purposeful attempt to improve that relationship. And He loves us enough to clear the confusion.


Adonai, I thank You for the Holy Spirit that speaks to me only the words that proceed from You mouth. Show me where I have allowed the entanglements of this life to interfere with my ability to hear and understand. I ask for a spirit of clarity, not a spirit of confusion, so that my heart can be singularly focused on You, not the world around me. I seek Your truth that leads to wholeness and shalom.